Hiring A Professional

Hiring A Professional

With everything in the world being at our fingertips for any service or idea we might want to explore, what would be considered the VALUE of using a professional in a certain field of work instead of Googling, You-Tubing or Next-Dooring your own way of going about things?

​​​​​​​It is amazing what we can readily find online and the “web” is a pretty strong fortress of information.

But, as far as relationship building, or true knowledge of a subject, wouldn’t you rather discuss and confirm the information with your trusted advisor; either a doctor, attorney, financial planner, or realtor? Doesn’t it make what you read online more relatable and understandable?

​​​​​​​There has been quite a bit of change in how we do business and how businesses are run, but ultimately the human connection is what I consider the most important value in how I go about my business.  If you think Amazon and Google are your only avenues of purchasing things, even though the process might start out online, ultimately, the items you received were either selected and packaged by someone, or the delivery to your house took place with a person delivering those items to your doorstep.  I know that automation for the packaging and delivery of these items is being considered, but for now people are still an important part of the equation.

Real estate transactions also require human interaction. There are a LOT of online ways to search for houses, research what it is you are looking for, and scrolling around sites to find “THE” house to call home, but when the time comes to go see that dream home, there is a realtor there to greet you at the door and welcome you in.  Being that realtor is what I strive for. I work hard to be the one that is your trusted advisor and offer the insight in to the current market of what is actually happening instead of curbside banter with neighbors.  There is quite a bit of work that goes on behind the scenes in order for me to assist you with the sale or purchase of a house. One client I worked with recently summed it up nicely by saying: Thank you again for all your help in getting our house sold quickly and with minimal stress. Your advice and counsel was so valuable throughout the whole process. We know you did a lot of hard work on this, without making any of it seem difficult. I like to watch those dance competition TV shows and they always say a truly great dancer makes nearly impossible movements look easy - I think that applies to every kind of job or pursuit in life - when you’re really good at it, you make it look easy!

I’ve always admired craftsman because they work hard at their craft in order to create the best piece possible, whether that is furniture, tilework, electrical, plumbing or anything that allows you to learn, become better, and hone your skills. As with anything in life, if you work hard and make the effort to be better at what you are striving for, you will have more clarity in your skills and actions.

I have been a realtor for over a decade, and sold my first house in Travis Country. I started out hungry to learn anything I could to help clients find a house to call home, and it has continued from there.  I love learning something new every time I unlock the door to a house to show a buyer, or anytime I meet with a seller to discuss their possibilities.  I continue to take classes to be knowledgeable with market information along with the rules and regulations that are put in to place to protect both home buyers and sellers. I pride myself on doing a good job, representing my clients properly, and working towards making the process of buying or selling a home something that will not only fulfill your dreams of being a homeowner, but allow for me to represent you during one of the most monumental decisions you will make for you and your family.

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