A Fresh Outlook

A Fresh Outlook

Stale. That is the word I use to describe what it feels like at this stage of the game during the wonderful world of COVID-19. For whatever reason, I recently made up my mind that I will put my own imaginary deadline on the pandemic and the return to normal will be in January. I don’t know why I think having a deadline will change things, and who knows what January will look like, but at least I have a time frame to work with.

For me, this resets my thoughts and gives me a fresh outlook on getting things done because I have a light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe I work better with deadlines!​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​For some, this time of pause and reflection has been enlightening and allowed the much needed break to get things done. For others, it has been a blur of time wrapped up in self despair and not getting things crossed off the metaphorical “to do” list of life.

Chin up! There is STILL time to accomplish great things, and ultimately come out of this with a fresh perspective based on beginning the journey now to change the outcome.

Set small daily goals

It is important to recognize that these aren’t normal times, and your productivity is likely not at its peak right now. That’s okay. Setting daily goals can help you to make your day as productive as possible, but be realistic with the goals you set. Big goals may seem insurmountable right now; instead, focus on small goals for each day that you can cross off your list. Setting smaller goals that can feasibly be tackled in a day can help you stay on track. Try to make a short list of manageable tasks to get through every day.

Learn a new language

No more excuses on why you still can’t order a cup of coffee overseas  – now’s the time to learn the local lingo! There are so many ways to learn a language these days, from 1-on-1 online classes and downloadable language apps (like Duolingo), to the old-school method of flash cards or post-it notes stuck on your fridge. Whatever works best for you, give it go and get babbling.

Have a clear out

Whether you’re a hoarder or a minimalist, we all have a closet, drawer or even an entire house that needs some TLC. Spend a few hours (or maybe even a week?!) sorting through your messy closet or kitchen pantry and set aside anything you don’t need. If it’s old or broken, throw it away. Otherwise, consider donating it to a local charity or family in need.

Smash those fitness goals

Okay, so you can’t exactly hit the  gym or yoga studio right now, but what you can do is find the perfect exercise class or fitness app online. The web’s buzzing with inspirational fitness blogs and trainer videos full of fit peeps who can show you the battle ropes – from full-blown workouts with fitness gurus like Kayla Itsines and Nike Training Club, to calming Yin Yoga with virtual instructors.

Learn how to play an instrument

Austin is the Music Capital of the WORLD, so make your own little slice of Austin fit the scene by learning an instrument or picking up one that is gathering dust in the corner of your room.  Whether it be a guitar, piano or even ukulele, music can help release stress and the bonus is making music you can sing along to!

There are so many different things of interest that can hopefully inspire us all on to the next phase and stage of this stagnation. Maybe someday when you look back on this time, you will realize that the things you learned, or put your mind to accomplishing, would not have been possible without having the grace and well being of staying at home.  Home is where the heart is!

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